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Dordetur means Alexandru and Cristina, experiences and feelings from our trips and journeys, episodes and thoughts of the everyday life. We make plans, we choose destinations, we pack our bags and then we get to discover and take photographs of awesome places. It is kind of hard for us to come back home afterwards, but a lot of attractions await us here, also, and a lot of stories we want to share with you.


Good to know:
  • This section of the blog is dedicated to you. We are trying to show you the beautiful sights and landmarks of our country, some of them already internationally known, others less known or promoted. We invite you to discover Romania!
  • We are not a travel agency, but we can help you with pieces of advice and, also, we can suggest you some solutions if you are planning a holiday in Romania. For this purpose, feel free to use our email address.
  • If you choose to use online any material you find here, it is mandatory that you do so by mentioning the sourse and/or the link to the article in question. The information you find here is the result of many dedicates resources.


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